100 things about me

So – this is my 100th post! (cue confetti, horns blowing and general applause). It’s still a little blog with a fairly little audience but it’s growing. And in celebration of my big 100 – here are

100 Things About Me

1. I love chocolate with nuts in it – peanut m&m’s, snickers, turtles… mmmm
2. I tend to be one of those mom’s that regularly has fresh baked goods ready when the kids come home from school
3. I like books – a lot
4. I will need to find small children to read to when mine are too old to bear the sound of my voice reading just one more Dr. Seuss story
5. I like visiting Lake Michigan
6. I like visiting Lake Michigan in every season – yes, even in the winter
7. Someday I want to live on the shores of Lake Michigan
8. I’ve always wanted to get a tatoo of a daisy on my big toe
9. I collect Santas, elephants and the occasional cookie jar that is just the right shade of red
10. I do laundry nearly every day
11. I only fold laundry 2 times a week which makes for some seriously long folding sessions
12. My favorite dinner is pizza and salad
13. I’m Catholic
14. I teach religious education to 3rd graders every Tuesday night
15. I have a mini-celebration when my children learn to read on their own that includes heading to the library so they can get their very own library card
16. I read to my son every day at lunchtime
17. I love the smell of coffee but can’t stand the taste of it
18. I like orange juice but not oranges
19. I used to detest bananas but now I like them
20. I don’t think ketchup should count as a vegetable
21. I love the movie Bull Durham
22. I drink at least one Diet Coke every day
23. I do almost all of my shopping online
24. I grew up going to Chicago Cubs games every summer and am still a Cubs fan
25. I change the placemats on our kitchen table to match the season & holidays
26. I’ve recently decided that funky patterned socks are fun to wear
27. I love to wear turtlenecks
28. I very much enjoy a good margarita
29. I feel so fortunate to work from home and be with my children as they are growing up
30. I exercise 5-6 times a week
31. I’m a huge fan of the YMCA – it’s got something for everyone!
32. I enjoy cooking and love trying new recipes
33. Walking to the farmer’s market on a summer Saturday morning is one of my favorite things to do
34. I wish I lived closer to Chicago
35. I like snow
36. I was born in Elkhart, Indiana and except for one brief fling with Iowa, have lived in Indiana my entire life
37. I am the oldest of three children
38. I have three children of my own
39. I never wanted to drive a minivan
40. I now own a Honda Odyssey – and love it
41. English was my favorite class in high school, yet the teachers in my junior & senior year drove me bonkers
42. I’ve decided to stop doing things just because people think I should
43. When I was in 3rd grade, I wanted to be the first woman president
44. I swallowed a quarter when I was 5 years old and had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance to remove it
45. I’ve never broken a bone
46. I watch too much television
47. I used to manage a forum on Compuserve
48. I really like getting the kids involved in craft projects
49. I currently live in a small town and miss the diversity and activity of a large city almost daily
50. I am an alum of Indiana University
51. I graduated in 3 years with 2 degrees
52. I did not attend my graduation though somehow got suckered into attending both of my siblings’ commencement ceremonies
52. Yes, I love Hoosier basketball
53. I love road trips
54. I’m still friends with someone I met in Kindergarten
55. I do not enjoy taking baths
56. If I had extra money I’d rip out the jacuzzi tub in our bathroom and make a huge, walk-in shower lined with glass blocks
57. I believe people should stop complaining and do something to fix the problem
58. I also believe that you are your actions
59. I think it’s important to go to church each week
60. I also think it’s important to occasionally eat foods when you’re not supposed to – candy for breakfast, breakfast for dinner, alcohol before noon…
61. Along with my brother’s family we’ve invented a holiday: Pajama Pant Friday (the day after Thanksgiving)
62. We have a big pot of Christmas Chili on Christmas night instead of turkey or ham
63. I am ridiculously impatient
64. I hate to shop – I lived here for almost a year before I went in the mall past an anchor store
65. I think we should all support our local library
66. I also try to support local business whenever possible
67. I love that we live in a neighborhood where my kids can walk to school
68. I voted for Barak Obama and was excited to do so
69. I kind of like shoveling snow
70. If I added up all the times I told my kids to hurry up each day (be quick like a bunny!) I’d probably have an extra hour or two floating around
71. I get car sick if I sit in the back seat
72. I love playing charades, pictionary and ming
73. I also like playing euchre, cribbage and milles bournes
74. Okay, I admit it – I like playing games but gin is the only game I can play, lose and still enjoy
75. I take pictures all the time, I love capturing memories big and small
76. I am thankful for my friends
77. I love taking the kids to see new things
78. The Children’s Museum in Indianapolis is the best Children’s Museum in the world
79. Playing in Crown Fountain in Millennium Park (downtown Chicago) lets me pretend for an afternoon that I live in the city
80. Each Spring Break I try to force the family take a family road trip someplace new within a 4 hour drive
81. I like to watch Oprah while I’m working out each morning
82. I like my in-laws
83. I like my in-laws so much that I went on vacation with them… for a week… without my husband
84. My favorite color used to be green
85. I still like green but I think orange is a much more cheerful favorite color
86. I wear socks to bed almost year-round
87. I think macaroni & cheese is one of the world’s most perfect foods.
88. I prefer having quilts on our beds instead of big, poofy comforters
89. I like the accomplishment of crossing something off a list
90. When I’m really stressed, I’ll include things on a list that I’ve already finished just so I can cross something off
91. I have always wanted to rent a house at the beach with my siblings and our families. That dream came true in the summer of 2008 and I hope we keep our beach week a tradition for a long, long time.
92. I’m a Capricorn
93. I can’t imagine what I would do without the Internet
94. I’m terrible at video games
95. My son is disappointed at that fact because he really needs help with the Star Wars Lego game we got him for Christmas
96. I’m crafty but only with directions
97. I made stockings for myself, my husband and first child
98. I hope to have stockings finished for the other children before they graduate from high school
99. College basketball season is my favorite sports season – March Madness one of my favorite times of the year
100. This is what I know for sure… I was meant to be a mother. I may not always be the best one (that damn mother-of-the-year award keeps slipping out of my grasp) but I know it’s the most important job I have and I love (almost) every minute of it.

This blog was an experiment I started in the fall. I’ve decided to stick with it and see where it takes me. Thanks for reading – tell your friends and neighbors. 🙂

4 thoughts on “100 things about me

  1. 54. Hey, me, too. 😉
    56. OMG, I totally want to do that, too. What a waste of space. I’d turn my shower into a closet and the tub space into a super-deluxe shower. Ah, to dream.

    Great list, and congrats on the 100th post !

  2. I especially like 83, and I excited about the possibility of doing it again in 2010 if you all can make it out for Ruthie’s Bat Mitzvah. I agree with #56 and would love one of those showers with heads all around. I will have to try #90 when I have time to make a list. I make them every once in a while but I keep getting interrupted when trying to complete the tasks. And of course, I am so there with # 99!!! The only season of the year I really enjoy is basketball season. They don’t teach that one in school, which needs to be added to the state standards. March of course is the greatest month of the year and April is the biggest let down month when it is all over.

  3. love the 100 list! i may make mine own, except on paper since i don’t have “my own blog!” Also, LOL for #90! i do that too. and #82 is true for me, but i’m not sure i could go on vacation with them (at least not more than a weekend) or my own family for that matter! when it comes to vacations, i am pretty selfish. i like doing what i want to do (with paul and the kids, of course). well, i could comment on many more, but not a whole lot of time right now.
    it was great getting to know you!

    1. It’s funny – when Debbie first read my list she wrote me a comment for each one on a piece of notebook paper and sent it to my house with E. It was like passing notes in school. Thanks for reading my blog – fellow list maker!

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