seeking new limits

For the past six months or so I’ve become mildly obsessed with pushing myself. I’ve been mixing up my workouts more than ever before. Swimming, running, running some more. Last year at this time I couldn’t run more than a mile or so without stopping. A couple weekends ago I ran 8.5 miles. What has gotten into me?!?

With this new desire of challenging myself I am also looking for new things to accomplish. New challenges. New limits to test. This winter I let myself be talked into training for a triathlon. Oh – who am I kidding – I didn’t get talked into it, I was ready to make the leap all by myself but it was a lot more fun to jump holding someone else’s hand.

Yesterday was race day. It was an indoor triathlon based on time not distance: 10 minutes in the pool, 15 on the bike and 15 on the treadmill. Even so, swimming then biking then running back to back to back is hard. My goal was to have 5.5 cumulative miles (based on my light training – .25 in the pool, 4 on the bike, 1.3 on the treadmill). I have to be honest, I didn’t train super hard for this, in fact I hadn’t been in the pool for 10 days before the event. I had done the bike/treadmill portion back to back a couple times so I felt reasonably ready. I wasn’t looking to win, just hoping to not embarass myself.

The result? just over .25 in the pool, 4.35 on the bike and 1.43 on the treadmill which works out to just over 6 miles total. I beat my goal. I’m excited that I beat my goal. I’m proud of myself for beating my goal and doing something I surely could not have done last year.

But there’s a tiny part of my type-A, overly competitive personality that is a little disappointed. I came in last among my group of friends. (I don’t like coming in last.) I’ve done better in the pool. (I don’t like feeling like I didn’t do my strongest swim.) I finished the run feeling like I could still run. (That makes me feel like I should have run faster — though in all honesty, I ran faster than I’ve ever run those last two minutes).

Is it possible to beat a goal and still be disappointed??? Hmmm….

At any rate. I liked it! I felt strong and healthy and like I really accomplished something this weekend. I took on a challenge and beat it. So what’s next??? Not sure but I think I may be buying a bike because a summer sprint triathlon seems to be calling my name… I know, it’s a little crazy – a good crazy though, right? And thank goodness I’ve got some crazy friends along for the ride because if I’m being honest (and voluntarily posting pictures of me looking like that – I’m being pretty honest today) I could not do any of this without them. Thank you, thank you Barb, Lisa and Kate. Thank you.


3 thoughts on “seeking new limits

  1. I never would have done it without you girls either! Glad we’re in it together. It sure makes it a lot more fun! And, I’m honored to be on your blog 🙂

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