I’m consumed

This happened to me in April when all I could think about was running. The half marathon loomed before me and I was deep into the long training runs and it felt like I was eating, sleeping, breathing runs. I’ve got a triathlon coming up in two weeks (my first real, outdoor one!) and I find myself consumed again with thoughts of exercise.

This spring it was all running, all the time. I was actually getting a bit bored. (At least when I wasn’t slightly terrified at the thought of running 13.1 miles all at the same time.) This time I’ve got to juggle three disciplines – swimming, biking and running. I am constantly thinking of how I can squeeze in one more workout in my day. At this point in the training – and I’m going to be honest here, I’m only seriously training for three weeks… I’ve been swimming regularly for a while, and obviously I’ve been running, but I just came up with a focused triathlon plan – anyway! at this point it’s all about the ‘brick workouts’. Finding time to do two of the disciplines back-to-back.

Monday I ran 1.3 miles and then hopped on the bike for spin class. (It’s not quite the same as a bike ride outside but I figure if I’m pushing the pedals it counts.) Tuesday I got up early for a 4 mile run and then about an hour later jumped in the pool to swim a 1/2 mile. (not quite back-to-back but close enough) Friday my girlfriend and I are planning an outdoor swim followed immediately by a bike ride – it will give us a chance to practice our transitions.

Hopefully my ‘close enough’ training schedule will allow me to finish the triathlon comfortably and in a respectable time. I really have no idea what to expect from the whole thing so a big part of my goal is to finish strong – as opposed to stumbling across the finish line.

T minus 17 days and counting… before I come up with a new obsession.


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