oh the humanity

Did you hear the moans & groans coming from my house last night? It sounds like someone is being tortured. In fact, if you asked the 9yo she’d tell you “it’s toooorrrrttttuuuuurrrre!” It’s a good thing it’s so hot the air conditioner is on because if the windows were open my neighbors may have called the police.

Why all the fuss? Because I’ve insisted she keep her room clean.


I know, I’m the meanest mom ever. Trust me, I’ve heard it enough times to begin believing it. The standards I set are so high… I just want it clean enough to vacuum approx 80% of the floor. OHHHHH NOOOOOO

Yesterday she wanted to have a friend sleepover. I told her that until there was room on her floor on which said friend could sleep, she could not have the friend over. She apparently didn’t believe me because that room – was not clean. And after cheer camp when I took her friend home and pulled away from the curb, E looked at me in utter disbelief. “But… mom, what about our sleepover?” To which I answered, “But… E, what about your clean room?”


You think I’m kidding? Tell the Oscar committee that my daughter will be coming their way to receive her award.

For the most part, I don’t stress over mess. Just come on over and you’ll see what I mean. I pick it up every once in a while. I clean all the important stuff. But some toys on the floor don’t bother me too much. They’ll only be kids like this for a short period of time and it’s all good. But when you literally cannot see the floor. When a week’s worth of laundry is piled up on the floor instead of in the basket that is approx 5 feet away. Well, then I start to have a problem. E disagrees mightily. There is no problem with her room in her opinion. One shouldn’t make such a big deal about the piles and piles and piles of stuff.

Sigh… someday my daughter is going to be on that Hoarders show. And then, I’ll have to disown her.


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