grace in small things: tgif

I’ve had the kind of week where I feel the need to stop and find some moments of grace. It’s been hectic. I haven’t gotten nearly enough done. I have friends going through some rough, sad times. It has not been the best week. So before I start the weekend I’m going to remind myself that there is plenty of goodness in the midst of all this. There is grace in…

– Friends who drive 11 hours to come stay at your house and play, talk, eat, be.
– Friends who text you all through a busy holiday weekend to make sure you get to have at least a few sneak peeks of each other.
– Friends who are willing to run in the rain.
– Friends who are on stand-by for another friend; ready to drop anything to help as needed.

Hot summer days at the pool. Last summer’s weather was awful – cold, wet and not summery. This summer it’s been awesome. Hot & sunny – just right for some of our favorite summer activities. The kids and I have been having some great times at the pool and are looking forward to another fun picnic and swim today!

Good Health. As I walked through my children’s bedroom to take that one last glimpse of them asleep before I go to bed, I realized in a clear instant how very lucky we are. My children are healthy. Their parents are healthy. Their grandparents are healthy. Heck, they’ve even got great-grandparents that are still hopping around and that they’ll get to see this weekend.

Dinners on the deck. relaxing in the last heat of the day, perhaps drinking an adult cocktail… it’s so nice… at least until the mosquitos come out.

Glimpses of maturity in the 11yo. She’s been doing some real babysitting for her brother this week and I love coming home to hear the report of how much fun they’ve had together. It’s so nice to see in these two children that seem to fight with each other more often than not.

Cheer Camp. In some cases this has been far from a source of grace. But when I look out and see the ear-to-ear grin on my daughter’s face. When I see how hard she’s working and how much she’s improved in one year. When I hear her say that she’s working extra hard to be a “good role model for the new girls.” It just warms my heart. It even makes sweating in that 100 degree fieldhouse for five straight afternoons worth it.

There’s plenty of good if you just stop to look for it. There is grace in little hands holding yours, in early morning exercise, in helping a 5yo start to read. There’s grace in teaching an 11yo how to make a milkshake, in registering a very excited 5yo for flag football, in talking about a new book that was quickly devoured by a 9yo. There’s grace in catching up on the laundry and keeping the kitchen clean. There’s plenty of grace. TGIF!


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