the twenty year reunion

My 20 year high school reunion is this month.

For the moment, let’s put aside the fact that it’s actually been 20 years since high school… seriously, two decades?!?!? Let’s just talk about the whole notion of reunions. A coming together with people who were in the same place for a certain period of time. You may not have known all these people but you have at least one thing in common. And apparently that one thing is supposed to make you want to pay $50 and see them again.

Now, I did not have a bad high school experience. I don’t have any particularly horrible stories to share from that time (sorry). I met my husband in high school. My best friends from high school were in my wedding. I participated in lots of different clubs and things and overall, had a very fun four years. With that said – I have little desire to sit in a room with these people and make small talk for an evening.

I’ve kept in touch with most of the people who were my close friends. Others I’ve caught up with on Facebook. So what’s the point of this reunion? Sure it would be fun for a while but a lot of the evening I’d just be stuck saying a lot of things like “Ummm…. no sorry, I don’t remember that.” or “Wow, you look great! No, really you do!” or “How many kids do you have? Where do you live? What do you do?” And then we’d leave and I’d promptly forget everything.

Before you judge me, let’s be honest here – is the high school reunion really any different than that? A relatively small percentage of people are genuinely excited about the reunion. A larger percentage are just curious. A few people are ecstatic to show off their spouse/diamonds/new boobs. But do most people honestly look forward to the high school reunion??

Come on – it’s a reunion for a place where you had pimples, obnoxiously big hair, and enough drama to fuel a reality show. True, you all walked through the same doors at one time or another. You all walked across the same stage in a cap & gown. You all hung out in the commons, sat at a cafeteria table, and had to sit through U.S. History. Is that enough material for an evening’s worth of conversations? At $50 per person?!?

It’s not for me. Sorry class of 1990 – you still rock but I am not dragging myself home and paying money for a mediocre dinner just to satisfy my curiosity.


2 thoughts on “the twenty year reunion

  1. Whew. I was feeling a tad guilty for not wanting to go — at ALL — so it’s good to see there are others of the same mind! It would have been bad enough for me. I’d have to bribe Dwight with god knows WHAT to get him to go. 😉

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