remembering birthdays

One of the ways I feed my slight OCD is keeping a spreadsheet with addresses of friends and family. The second sheet of that Excel file is a list of birthdays by month (okay, and color-coded as to family, friend of the kids, friend of mine etc). At the beginning of each month I make a list of cards I need to buy and then I send them out (or if the friend is nearby, I just drop it in their mailbox). I think it’s fun to get mail – maybe even more fun these days when nearly everything is communicated online or via email. And I think it’s thoughtful to remember someone’s special day with a handwritten note.

But here’s the thing… Facebook is ruining my reputation. I take a sense of pride in remembering people’s birthdays. Come on – I have a friggin’ spreadsheet for goodness sake! But Facebook tells me every morning if it’s somebody’s birthday or if somebody’s birthday is in a few days. So now… now when I remember someone’s birthday they think it’s because Facebook told me.

Makes me want to write on the card: This card is brought to you the old-fashioned way – without the aid of any website reminders.

Stupid Internet trying to make things all easy.


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