moving from frazzled to calm

I’ve been home from our Virginia Beach vacation almost four weeks now. The first week back was filled with summer duties – we had some doctor appointments, some friend visits, our last t-ball games. The second week back I got a new work project, took the kids on a day trip and had the 4th of July holiday to cook and plan for. Our third week back was last week and it was non-stop for lots of reasons. This week, however, this week I got my balance back.

It hit me yesterday, I’ve been running at full speed since school got out. Vacations, trips to the pool, running the kids around, having people over, trying to work… things were slipping away, not getting done, tasks were pushed aside and by last week I found myself in a perpetual state of stress.

This week my oldest is away at camp. My middle child is in camp all morning, comes home for lunch and then is in Bible School all afternoon – along with my youngest. Having those solo hours every afternoon has been exactly what I needed. I’ve caught up on errands. My laundry is not in a state of disarray. Day by day I’ve worked my way through the house and cleaned. I’ve caught up on work projects. It’s amazing what a few extra hours can do.

This week – the stress is gone. I’m attributing it to the clean floor in front of me. There is something instantly calming when I can walk from room to room and NOT see something that needs to be done.

Oh, my house wouldn’t pass a Mary Poppins inspection. It needs to be dusted. There are crumbs around the toaster and the kitchen counters are still pretty cluttered. But it’s been mopped and vacuumed. It’s been wiped down and scrubbed. It’s been picked up. I have some sense of order back and that is very calming. Just in time for the weekend.


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