oh, it’s gonna be THAT kind of week

We are leaving for a long (long) road trip in a few days. And you know what that means? That means, I have a constant tally of lists in my head. I haven’t run more than 3.5 miles in almost a month. This morning I made myself run 4, even though I was by myself and instead of having lovely distracting conversation I had thoughts like these running through my head:

– Can I feed my family for the next few days on random leftovers and scraps or am I going to have to go the grocery store? If I have to go the grocery store, what can I buy that won’t be leftover or that can easily be given to a neighbor?

– When I wake the kids up to put them in the car, who should I wake up first? And should I wake them and put them in the car one at a time?

– That reminds me, I need to make sure their shoes are in the car the night before since they’ll be sleepwalking into the car in the morning with only a pillow and blanket in hand.

– I have planned and made hotel reservations for the first half of the trip, I need to do the second half of the trip in the next day or so.

– Four years ago this week I was dropping the girls off at Y Day Camp and packing boxes upon boxes while little J played by my side. We moved the last weekend in July 2006. In some ways it doesn’t seem like we’ve been here that long. But then I want to go shopping or out to eat or am bored and realize it’s been forever since I lived in a big city.

– How much house cleaning do I need to do so I won’t feel completely stressed out when we return from this trip?

– Is there any chance I can get the back passenger-side window on my car fixed before we leave? It’s got a mind of its own – sometimes it goes down, sometimes it doesn’t… sometimes it drops down and we haven’t even pushed a button. Now THAT would be fun on a long road trip!

– Am I taking the laptop or not? If I don’t take it, it will be the longest period of time I’ve ever been offline since there was an Internet to be offline from. If I do take it, I can keep up with work emails so I won’t be bombarded when I return. If I don’t take it, I will not have to worry about it sitting the car. If I do take it, I can blog and tell you all about our daily adventures. Hmmmm….

J just woke up and started to give me a hug before realizing how gross and sweaty I am from my run. Poor kid is huddled on the couch now and doesn’t even want me to sit next to him and read a story. I think that’s my cue to go offline for a few minutes and take a shower. 🙂


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