it’s a toss up

We are getting ready for the Great American Road Trip around here. I’ve had a couple people ask – which is worse, preparing for a trip or unpacking from the trip. Let’s see…

Preparing for the trip so far has involved cleaning out the minivan. An unappealing task at best, made worse by the fact that somebody keeps taking the kids in this house to the beach so there is a ridiculous amount of sand involved. Ridiculous. Add to that the unattractive positions you have to get in to vacuum up the goldfish and assorted crumbs – I’m sure my neighbors appreciated those views of my ass yesterday. Oh, and it’s hot so I was sweating like a pig too. Lovely.

Preparing for the trip also involves laundry and at some point this week I will declare that no one is allowed to wear anything that they want to take on the trip. Favorite underwear, super cool tank top, adorable new shorts… if you want to pack it you have to NOT WEAR IT or it won’t be clean. I refuse to do laundry the day before we leave. Refuse.

On the bright side, it’s fun to pack – it’s like a puzzle seeing how much I can fit in a bag and then in the car. And there are yummy, normally forbidden foods to be purchased and packed. And bags of goodies to occupy the kids for the hours & hours & hours their parents are forcing them to ride in the car. And I like figuring out our route and what we’re going to see along the way.

After the trip – everything goes in the laundry or the trash. That doesn’t seem so hard to me.

Then again, I might have to get all sweaty and clean out the car again…. maybe it’s a toss up after all.


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