awww… my little girl is growing up

This is the scene that greeted us this morning:

My oldest daughter’s first t-ping clean-up awaits. (Though now that I think about it, at some point I’m not going to know which girl has been t-p’d since they are just 2 years apart. For now, my money is on the 11yo.)

This begs me to tell a cautionary tale. Feel free to pass this on to the youngsters in your life. (at least one of you readers knows exactly where this post is heading)

When I was a teenager some friends and I were doing what teenagers do best, looking to create fun out of nothing. There were four of us girls and at some point in the night we met up with a car full of boys. Next thing you know, we’re at the store buying discount toilet paper – lots of it.

We t-p’d a house, and being experienced at this sort of thing we did it well. (not like the job in front of my house today, obviously done by short t-p’ers) That house looked like a toilet paper bomb exploded over it. It was awesome. Apparently afterwards the boys in our group went back and did something to their mailbox and lawn furniture – I don’t remember what but something that involved destruction of property – and that is where the story turns bad.

A little (or a lot) of toilet paper is harmless fun. It’s messy but it doesn’t hurt anyone. However, destruction of property is not cool. You know what’s even worse? When someone in your group is careless enough to let her school I.D. fall out of her pocket into the yard that was t-p’d. You know what happens then? The police show up at your front door the next morning and ask your parents if they know what their daughter was doing last night.

My parents were remarkably calm about the whole thing as I recall. My girl friends were all sleeping over at my house so we all got to experience the terror together. We came clean about the toilet paper (as if we had a choice) but since we had no hand in any other vandalism we didn’t get in trouble. We offered to clean up our mess but I don’t remember doing that so the offer must have been refused. I got my I.D. back and learned a valuable lesson: never carry identification in your wallet when playing a prank on someone’s house!


2 thoughts on “awww… my little girl is growing up

  1. a cop at the front door in the morning is not a welcome sight but it is MUCH better than a cop at the door late at night while waiting for your child to come home.
    kids will be kids. I can handle the pranks.

    I’ve been very fortunate.

  2. It was quite a site to see the exchanged looks when we went downstairs to ask what they were doing last night. Oh the look I got when I showed them the ID card. All ended well and the t-p’ed house owners were very forgiving when all the girls apologized.

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