cleaning out the fridge

At this time tomorrow I will be well on my way out West… probably somewhere in the middle of the state of Iowa in fact. That means this week’s dinners have been an assortment of what can I get rid of before we leave for 12 days? We’ve had breakfast for dinner, eaten lots of fruit and tonight I think we’re having hamburgers and this summer salad to use up the last of my fresh veggies.

I’ve also got some snack making to do. I am hoping to get another batch of granola bars made, this time with chocolate & peanut butter chips. I want to make some ‘puppy chow’ (chex mix with powdered sugar & cocoa). We’re definitely making some friendship bread. These homemade goodies will join my stash of twizzlers, crunch & munch and goldfish crackers to stock the car before we leave in the wee hours of the morning.

Then yesterday I read this little story in the newspaper, it happened just outside Denver: Hungry black bear crashes car in pursuit of peanut butter sandwich.

Our first two stops are in Colorado.

And I’m packing my car full of food.

One thought on “cleaning out the fridge

  1. a few rules to remember…
    no stopping to pee or take pictures on the side of a road.
    no saying “just get a little closer, he is so cute!”
    leave the food at the motel when you take your day trips..
    and don’t forget the pepper spray.. they hate that! haha
    have a blast! take a ton of photos!

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