and she thought last week was scary

My Mother-In-Law joined us for the first half of the Great American Road Trip 2010. It was fun having her along for the ride and I think she enjoyed herself even if she did have to spend countless hours in the minivan with three kids. She saw some sights she’d never seen before and we all liked sharing that with her. She flew back to Indiana on Sunday morning so she’s not along for these last few days of touring. I think she might be a little sad about that – then again… maybe not.

See, last week she had to push thru a slight fear of heights and spent parts of the drive white knuckled or with her eyes covered. She got to sit in the front seat for some hairpin switchbacks in Southern Colorado, parts of the road with no guard rail in sight, and watch us clamber over rocks at the edge of the Grand Canyon. So just imagine what she would have been like on our Monday drive this week…

We drove from Cedar City, Utah to Bryce Canyon on a US Highway and it was honestly the most amazing scenery I’ve ever driven through. We knew we were in for a treat when about 5 minutes into the drive we saw signs that said “tire chains legally required Nov-May” and “road only plowed during daylight hours”. This was one twisting, turning road folks. And not only was there no guard rail – there wasn’t even a shoulder to the road. Just two lanes, one side bumped right up to the mountainside and the other – a sheer drop down. But oh my… the sights this road lead us to…

Makes that wide, paved trail at the Grand Canyon seem pretty tame, doesn’t it? I’m not sure my Mother-In-Law would ever speak to us again after this drive and hike.


One thought on “and she thought last week was scary

  1. You are oh so right. I do miss the travel and the ride in the car altogether. I do not miss the thrill of that small walkway. But the sun looks good. We are cloudy and very humid here. Not nearly as nice as we had the weather.

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