you know what’s funny?

A two-year-old girl who, while getting ready for bed, decides to hop up with no clothes on and run around the house giggling & squealing “Naked lady! I’m naked lady!”

A 38-year-old trying to run 4 miles with a headache and slight hangover. (ugh)

A five-year-old playing in his first flag football game and running the wrong way because it seemed like the best way to avoid having his flag torn off. Touchdown? Who needs a stinking touchdown – just don’t let them catch you! (but for the record, he did score a touchdown on a different run.)

A husband remembering his own athletic glory days and attempting to put his high school baseball jersey on. (there may have been a bit of drinking involved… and a $10 bet…) For the record – he got it on, I wouldn’t go so far as to say it fit, but he got it on.

K and I struggling to consistently get her locker open when we registered for her 6th grade classes. Only to have an 8th grader walk up and open it each & every time. The trick? Don’t stop on the numbers and spin past the last one really fast. (gee why didn’t I think of that!?!?)

E served at Mass yesterday. At one point, when she wasn’t supposed to, she got up, walked across the altar and talked to Father. By the look on his face, he didn’t know what she was doing either. (Turns out she thought he called her over with his look. He said he’ll use a hand motion if he needs her. And then he tried not to laugh too.)

I wore my underwear inside out all day yesterday and didn’t realize it until I put my pajamas on at night.

That would be a new pair of underwear purchased when I came to the rather sudden realization that I no longer had a week’s worth of underwear. How did I realize it? When packing a bag for a weekend at my in-laws. I had to bring dirty underwear and do laundry when we arrived that night. Geesh.


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