grace in small summertime things

Shhh…. do you hear that? It’s the sound of all three children out of the house and safely tucked behind a desk at school. As I sit here and realize with some sense of sadness that yet another summer has whizzed by, I realize that I have oh so much to be thankful for. There were many moments of grace in this sunny, hot, carefree time of 2010:

– another awesome Beach Week with my family and sand and waves and the lido deck

– a very brave 11yo going off to a week of summer camp and coming home with a new sense of what she can do

– a very active 5yo who found a new joy in the movement of his body as he played little league and attended sports camps for the first time

– a still stubbornly unactive 9yo who went to Latin camp and came home with a glow on her face each day because she found another group of kids who love to play with words as much as she does

– the special sound of kids jumping in a pool

– the feel of sand between my toes and sunshine on my skin

– hanging out at the baseball fields – little league that is – I didn’t realize how much I’d missed being around all that baseball

– becoming friends with our favorite vendors at the farmer’s market

– the Great American Road Trip – all 4500 miles of it filled with family-bonding, new experiences, beautiful sights and, best of all, a safe trip

– visits with friends from near and far

– blueberries warm from the sun, eaten straight off the bush

– swim, bike, run – a new accomplishment

– my first print by-line

– dancing on the deck to 80s music

Sigh… maybe I’ll keep summer around a little longer – at least on the weekends.


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