measuring progress

We had friends in town this weekend and they have an adorable 3 year old boy. In some ways it doesn’t seem like that long since we had an exuberant toddler on our hands. In other ways it feels like decades ago. But it got me thinking… how do we note the passing of time in our whirlwind lives?

J just got a new pair of shoes – he’s only 1/2 a size behind his sister these days. A fact he’s very proud of. Poor girl – she’s got 3.5 years on him but we’re already counting the days until he’s bigger than she is. For him it’s a measure of progress. For her, it’s a little depressing 🙂

When we moved here I took the shower doors off the kids’ bathroom since two of the three still took baths. The girls have used the guest room as their shower. A few weeks ago, the shower doors were put on since all three of them take showers. And there are no more toys in our bathtub.

There are no baby swings on the swing set.

We just did an end of summer closet cleaning and there are no more princess shirts in the girls’ closet.

When we go to the pool I get to sit in the lounge chair and read a book because the kids can all swim.

The large dry-erase calendar has a color for each person. The kids’ colors fill it up – all three of them.

My days are no longer ruled by nap times and snack times. Instead they are ruled by school bells and sport practices.

I don’t need a calendar to show me that time is passing. I can watch my kids make their own breakfasts and do chores around the house. Progress is measured in many ways.


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