of packing lunches

Looking for a Food Thursday recipe? I’ve got a great one for busy weeknights – it’s easy and it’s a freezer recipe so it makes dinner for more than one night. Chicken tetrazzini – rated five out of five thumbs up in this house!

I’ve mentioned before that my children buy lunch at school less than half the time. This means I pack a lot of lunches. Most mornings this isn’t a huge hassle. I’ve got plenty of time built into my morning schedule and I like putting together their lunch. With that said, I also like raising independent children. So K and I have decided that 6th grade is a good year to start handling your own lunch responsibilities. This lasted for… oh one day.

She made her lunch the first day of school and I’ve done it every day since. I’m trying not to harp on this fact because I know that Middle School is a big transition. She’s got a lot on her plate figuring things out, dealing with different teachers for different subjects, running her first cross country season and swim practice is looming in the not-too-distant future. But I have to wonder – when will she take responsibility for her own lunch? Is it really that hard to slap some ham & cheese between two slices of bread? She even resists doing it for herself on the weekends! My 9yo seems to have more ambition to do things for herself than the 11yo right now.

It seems as though she’s making all this progress and starting to get more mature while she’s also regressing and taking some steps backwards. I suppose I’ll cut her some slack for a while. But at some point – she really is going to have to grow up. And that includes making her own lunch.


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