I’m such a rebel

I live in one of those neighborhoods. The kind with the cutesy lawn flags for each season. The over-the-top holiday decorations. The immaculate lawns. People really take care of their yards in our neighborhood which puts me a bit at odds with them. I have a good friend that says “you can’t grow grass and children at the same time.” And I tend to agree. But for the sake of appearances I do run the sprinkler, pick the weeds (monthly) and try to keep things fairly tidy.

But this summer it’s all futile. It’s dry up here in Northwest Indiana. Hot, muggy and dry, dry, dry. I honestly can’t remember the last time it rained and you can tell by looking at my lawn. I water three times a week and my lawn is just the slightest shade less brown than my neighbors with no sprinkler system. There are green lawns nearby for people who water every day. I’ve got one neighbor who waters every day with a sprinkler and goes out with a hose for the really dry spots. I can’t handle that kind of commitment (or water bill).

So today I staged my own personal revolt – I turned off the sprinkler system. Screw the lawn and any neighbors who care. It’s not worth the extra water bill. I don’t have one of those cutesy flags either.


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