the perfect present

Food Thursday is a good one this week – short ingredient list, short cooking time, and it involves cheese & pasta. Really, what more could you ask for?

My son’s birthday is this month. He’ll be six years old and that is still very much an age where just the right present can make or break a birthday. A few years ago we had the truck birthday – that boy received every possible toy truck ever made, and he zoomed every single one of them around the house. The next birthday was the hero/Star Wars birthday and that provided toys, costumes and action figures that are still played with nearly every day. Last year he was totally into sharks and legos – interests that still hold his attention. In fact, just yesterday afternoon he spent an hour with his sea explorer boat and a host of lego creations alongside it exploring the ‘living room carpet sea’ and capturing sea animals.

This year he’s got a gift list that includes lots of sports-related items and the ever-popular legos but my son’s perfect present idea has been impossible to find. I’ve still got a few weeks to figure it out, but I’m a little concerned that we don’t have that one, big, awesome gift. Sigh…

He was watching a cartoon a week or so ago and one of the characters had a tether plane. What is a tether plane? Basically a toy airplane that has stiff wires connecting it to a handle so you kind of hold it like a kite and swoop it around. I agree with him – it seems like one cool toy. However, it’s also one cool toy that apparently doesn’t exist in real life. I’m not done combing the Internet yet but my initial searches are coming up woefully empty-handed.

My son is the only grandson on both sides of the family. I’m not concerned that he will lack for love, attention or even presents on his birthday. I’m just bummed that I may not get the WOW reaction that makes a birthday extra special (for both the child and his parents). I need the perfect present.


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