shoulda coulda probably won’t

Things I should do this weekend:
– run to Target to buy socks for two of the kids, the holey socks are taking over their drawers
– pick weeds and trim bushes
– clean out the garbage & recycling bins
– get caught up on the mountains of laundry
– vacuum
– mop the kitchen floor
– wax the kitchen table
– pick up the playroom
– catch up on a work project

Things that I’ll probably be doing instead:
– going to a cross country meet
– going to a football game to help coach our jr cheer squad
– drinking wine on the deck
– watching football
– reading the new book I just picked up at the library – I’m the first person to read this copy (I put it on hold when it was still on order) so it really is a brand new book! could I sound any more like a geek?!?
– baking cookies
– taking the kids to the library and if the weather is beautiful, perhaps the apple orchard too
– and if we pick apples, there will be more baking involved

Since we returned a month ago from our road trip I just can’t get my head above water around here. Every time I think I’m close, I end up spending three hours at a cross country meet or an hour helping at the school library. Or – fine I’ll admit it – spending two hours doing triathlon training workouts. Something’s gotta give or we’re all going to run out of underwear.

And here’s the thing, I realize I’m sounding a bit like a broken record on this problem. I think you – my lovely, regular blog readers – have had to read about me feeling overwhelmed at least once a week for the past three weeks. You’re probably wondering when it’s going to end… and trust me I am too.

But can it wait until Monday? Because that new library book and wine on the deck… they sound awfully appealing.


One thought on “shoulda coulda probably won’t

  1. New books have the best sound when you open them, and they smell better too when you have them before the 400 biddies who smoke while reading them.. enjoy.

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