you only get one, choose carefully

My children, like many children, are sometimes forgetful. One of them in particular could be described as very forgetful, flighty, somewhat scatterbrained even. This means that sometimes things are left at home that should be taken to school.

Now, I work from home and we are literally within walking distance of the school – taking these forgotten items to school is not exactly a hardship. However, I am trying to raise independent people who will someday be able to take care of themselves – and their things. So the rule of the house is that you get one chance for mom to bring a forgotten item. ONE CHANCE. After that, you forget it – your problem. Forget your lunch? They always sell a turkey sandwich. Forget your gym shoes? Drop and give the teacher 20. Forget your assignment? It’s your letter grade that will drop.

Yes, I really am that hardcore of a mom.

Yesterday as we turned the last corner on our walk to school, E realized that she forgot her library books. If you forget your library books you can’t check out new books. This is about as bad as it gets for this bookworm of mine. I told her I could drop them off at school but that this was her one and only chance for me to bring a forgotten item. There’s no meal involved… no bad grade looming… just books – an item we happen to have lots of at home. She thought about it for a minute, took a deep breath and said…

Yes, I really need to get new books.


2 thoughts on “you only get one, choose carefully

  1. Ok, well first, I empathize with the need for more books – so awesome that she values them so.

    Second, I’m impressed with your tactics. I try to be hard-nosed about things that I’m oh so tired of saying over and over, but I sometimes cave. I’m such a sucker. But, the oldest is 5, so she deserves slack.

    Bravo on helping them think/be accountable for themselves – they will likely not have one chance’ as an adult. πŸ˜€

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