yes, we still read around here

The Breakfast Book idea languishes in the summer. It took us nearly three months to get through the latest selection, and it wasn’t because the book wasn’t exciting. It was because we were traveling and beaching and swimming and sleeping late and well… the read-aloud program was a bit hit & miss for a while. I still read to my youngest every day but the chapter book for all the kids? That was a bit harder to accomplish.

Our latest selection was the Candy Shop War and I have to say that this was one of the more exciting of our reads. With candy that gives you the ability to jump over houses or make animals talk or pass through mirrors… well, it’s hard not to be interested.

The plot centers on a group of four close friends. They are 11 years old and a new candy shop opens in their small town. It doesn’t take long for these kids to realize that this is no ordinary candy shop and soon the owner of the shop has enlisted their help in discovering a hidden treasure. Turns out the owner is a magician and her intent isn’t so innocent. I won’t ruin the twists and turns but there are some great cliff-hanging moments in this book. Crazy, fun candy. Exciting adventures and a very satisfying ending. The only drawback in our minds is that some of the tasks assigned to the kids are a bit disturbing – digging up a grave for example. These weren’t enough to detract from the overall excitement of the story but we weren’t a big fan of some parts. With that said, I think it was a fun read-aloud and a book that I’d recommend for any child in the 9-12 age group.

So what did my audience think?

K(11yo): She actually started this book on her own months ago but never finished it because she thought it was a little boring in the middle. However, this time through she listened to the last half and agreed it was pretty exciting. Grade: A+ (“and I’m very picky with my grades. I never should have stopped reading it!”)

E(9yo): “It was exciting and creative and I loved the ending. That part where Nate (one of the children) gets to eat the magic candy and travel through time was soooo cool.” Grade: A

J(5 3/4yo): “I liked the cool candy – especially the ones that shot out fireballs. But it seemed kind of boring in parts. I give it a B.”

So, what’s next? The Princess Bride So fun! And a cleverly disguised excuse to watch the movie when we finish. So far, the kids are loving it.

What is the Breakfast Book idea? I believe there’s value in reading aloud to my kids at all ages. I used to read aloud to them at night. But as they got older their bedtimes got staggered, practices and homework happen and sitting down together to read to all of them wasn’t happening. I decided to try reading a chapter to them all during breakfast and it has been a big success in many ways. Want to see all our book selections so far? Click on the Breakfast Book category on the right side of this page.


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