when a C isn’t average

Our girls are both very good students. Both are in honors classes and they routinely bring home straight A’s. (side note: J may be just as good a student but in Kindergarten your grades consist of things like + and – so who knows.) We’ve had an occasional B make an appearance at the end of the semester, but really they are A students. We’re proud of them. They work hard and care about their work and it shows. So you can imagine our surprise to see the interim grades that came out this week. Both girls have all A’s with the exception of a C on each of their reports. Yes, C’s.

One of them pointed out that a C is average and “how can you be upset if I get an average grade?!?”

To which I responded, “it’s not your average grade.”

We’ve got another half of the semester before we see anything permanent happening. And there were no punishments or even very strict talks about these reports. I keep up on their grades weekly (gotta love the Internet) so we knew they were coming. We’ve already had some chats about putting forth our best effort all the time.

Both of them are primarily having a problem because of missing/late assignments. So yesterday when I read this post, I laughed out loud and ran out to buy a roll of painter’s tape. I jest… though it may be on my shopping list for next week… either way, it’s safe to say that there’s going to be a renewed interest in a certain someone’s math work and another child’s PE (PE??!?!?!!) activity.

P.S. – For those of you who know my girls, I’ll let you try to figure out which one is in trouble for which class. You may be surprised.

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