signs of fall

– the hook on my closet door isn’t holding my swim suit cover up – it now holds my running jackets
– I just put mums outside the front door
– even J willingly wore pants & long sleeves yesterday
– it’s 6am… and it’s still dark
– our weekly picnic dates no longer include sweating
– we had soup in the crock pot for dinner last night
– my daughter cheered her last jr. football game of the season last night and had to wear sweatpants under her skirt, a heavy sweatshirt and mittens to keep warm
– apples abound in the produce section
– there’s that special, crisp, only-happens-in-the-fall smell in the air

The leaves aren’t quite changing yet but there’s no doubt about it. The weather has shifted a season. We might still have a random day or two in the 80s but fall weather is officially here in NWIndiana. Fall is my favorite time of the year. The weather is just right for practically any outdoors activity – you don’t get too hot or too cold. A bowl of hot soup tastes better in the fall. Baking is fun to do in the fall – in fact, I baked yesterday and I think I’m going to bake some more today!

Something about the fall air just motivates me to get more done. This is why I love living in the Midwest. Places that don’t have four distinct seasons miss out on the best time of year.

Ahhh…. Fall, it’s so nice to have you for a visit. Please stay awhile. While you’re here we’ll enjoy your unique colors, pick some apples and open the windows wide to your air. Have a seat – I’ll make a nice hot cup of tea or apple cider and try to take some time to truly enjoy your company.


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