grace in September things

It’s been one of those weeks. There were just too many places to be at the same time for one person! Who am I kidding… it’s been one of those months! Then the scheduling clouds parted and I actually crossed two things off of Thursday’s schedule. Suddenly I had a blank day on the calendar – the only blank day of the entire month. And what a perfect date for it to happen – the 30th, my son’s birthday. I got a few extra things done, had plenty of time to make his ‘fancy two-layer cake’ and it got me thinking… September certainly had its share of stresses for me but if I take a deep breath, I can find plenty of graces too:

1. A day spent on an island in my favorite place on earth – Northern Michigan. Bike rides with my family, the sounds and smells of the Great Lakes. What a wonderful way to start the month.

2. Crisp fall air – just right for running in.

3. Watching in person as Peyton Manning and the Colts won their home opener. What a great place to watch a football game!

4. Lunch dates! From weekly picnics in the sun to impromptu McDonald’s visits with friends to a drive halfway between here & Indy to meet with a friend. Such fun ways to spend part of a fall afternoon.

5. A visit from my adorably silly nieces.

6. New books from the library.

7. Competing in my 2nd triathlon with a good friend by my side.

8. A cheer I convinced our entire team to do – and the giggles and smiles it brought to each of their faces (and mine) made it so worth it! They sure showed us how to get down!

9. The best $14 ever spent: Stomp Rockets! I love it when a toy that wasn’t even asked for turns out to be a super fun gift. All five of us were playing with it… heck, even the neighbor walking his dog had to come over and give it a try.

10. Mums on my doorstep.

11. The hint of leaves changing colors.

12. The anticipation of (another!!) trip to Northern Michigan in just 20 days.


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