On this date waaaaaay back in 1994 I walked down the aisle of a beautiful church, wearing a dress with an outrageously long train and married my husband. When the priest presented us as the new Mr & Mrs I unconsciously placed my hand on my stomach and let out the largest sigh of my life. It’s my favorite part of our wedding video. The relief on my face is almost comical.

We don’t do big fancy anniversary celebrations around here but we are going to take advantage of the fact that we have some grandmothers in the house tonight (free child sitting!) by heading out to a nice quiet dinner. And I’m going to take advantage of this blog by telling you 16 reasons why I’m still glad I married my husband. (This post will be good for me to refer to on those days where I’m scratching my head and wondering what the hell I was thinking. As you can see from these photos I was very young, and I didn’t necessarily have the best judgment – seriously, all that hair & all that dress!!)

1. a certain 11yo, 9yo and 6yo who never would have been possible otherwise
2. he’s the calm to my storm
3. he’s one of the few people able to keep up with my seemingly random thinking processes
4. he humors me by playing cards while listening to cheesy music
5. he’s a very good kisser
6. he likes my cooking – even when I’m experimenting
7. we laugh together
8. St. Croix (that’s a private message)
9. he doesn’t make fun of me when I go nuts watching Hoosier basketball
10. I like holding his hand when we go on a walk (except for the part where he makes me walk so slowly)
11. we both enjoy planning our trips around fun places to eat
12. he balances our checkbook
13. he’s the first person I want to talk to when I have news to share
14. when I married him I gained a wonderful family
15. he’s tall so he can always find the car in the parking lot
16. we both still agree that it’s important to take time away together – and that’s when I discover new things to add to this list.

2 thoughts on “16

  1. Happy Anniversary to two of my favorite people. We are thankful to have you both as friends! Why are you not joining us in Indy this weekend? C’mon….

  2. Happy Anniversary! Don’t beat yourself up about the dress and hair. It was 1994 – that’s a built-in excuse. Have a wonderful day – and dinner!

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