I am the queen of random

I cannot get my act together today. I stayed in bed 20 minutes longer than normal. I think the only thing that finally tore me from my cozy sheets was the fact that I have a middle-schooler to wake up in a few minutes. As I lay in bed I was thinking about a few topics I’d like to write here. And my mind could not rest on one topic for more than 32 seconds. So today you’re getting a sample of my random, busy life…

…I have a friend staying this weekend and I made sure there were clean sheets & towels in the guest room but that’s it. I didn’t clean a single other thing. That means I’m a lousy hostess or very comfortable having her here. I prefer the latter.

…I ran 8 miles on Friday and felt awesome doing it. I even felt awesome afterwards. That’s kind of crazy.

…My middle child is about to start the 4th grade recorder project in music. We’ve been through this recorder torture lesson before and I can tell you precisely where my oldest kept the recorder. In fact it was there sometime this summer – I remember moving it to a different location. However, now that I actually need it? I can’t find it anywhere. So now I get to pay another $10 for another recorder so I can experience the joy of hearing Three Blind Mice screeched in my ear.

…We took a short road trip this weekend. J got car sick. Poor kid, I feel for him, really I do. But if he’s going to get car sick I’d really appreciate it if he gets all the puke in the plastic bag that I throw at him (yes, I keep a stock of plastic shopping bags in my car for just this purpose). We had to stop and buy him new clothes before going to our destination. I chose WalMart because the boy doesn’t need a stitch of clothing and I didn’t want to pay much money. I found a $3 pair of shorts and found myself debating which size I should get – the size that fits him now or the size that will still fit him next summer so he can get more use out of them. WTH?!? They were a pair of shorts that cost $3 so my son wouldn’t have to waddle around soaked in his own vomit. Where was my mind??? (I bought the size that fits him best now.)

…My visiting friend and I went out to eat last night. Granted it was a Sunday night, not exactly a ‘woo-hoo let’s paint the town red’ sort of night. But at 8pm the restaurant staff started cleaning around us. Unplugging their festive lights & decorations and literally sweeping the floor. We got the hint but I still think it was a bit rude.

…My husband stayed home and made dinner for the kids. I went in the kitchen this morning and found all the dinner dishes still there. Some on the table, some on the counter, some on the stove. Really?!? Updated: I just went in the kitchen to clean up those dinner dishes and the dishwasher is now so full there is no room for the breakfast dishes. Nice.

…We’ve made the transition from cross country to swimming season around here. Thursday we watched our last cross country meet of the year. I got to stand in a park on a beautiful fall day and wander from one viewing spot to the next to cheer on K and her friends. Friday we watched our first swim meet of the year. I got to sit on a bleacher for 3.5 hours. My back and hips were sore for two days. And there’s no point in cheering out loud because she can’t hear me in the pool. I love watching my daughter swim, I hate sitting still for that long – especially on a hard bleacher seat.

…I’m having a Mass said for my grandmother that passed away two years ago this weekend. I picked the date a year ahead of time to mark this particular weekend. My entire family is going to be out of town and won’t be able to attend the Mass. Sigh…

Okay, now I need to go organize myself well enough to come up with a grocery list for this week.


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