our fun run

I’m still not sure how it all worked out but I successfully talked some of my best girlfriends into a fall getaway weekend. I brought it up last spring on one of our runs and by some miracle the pieces all fell into place for three couples to leave their children behind (thank you various relatives!) and spend a long weekend in Northern Michigan.

The purpose of our trip was two-fold. First, to enjoy the time away as adults. This is an annual trip that my husband and I make for just that purpose so I was looking forward to returning to one of my favorite places and spending time with my husband. The fact that we got to share this with good friends made the trip a little more special than usual. We had such fun from morning till night each day of this trip. Touring wineries. Eating in fun restaurants. Seeing beautiful Great Lakes and fall colors. Walking around Mackinac Island, dodging piles of horse poop. Staying in a hotel that used to be a college dorm and with all of our rooms in a row we sort of treated it like a college dorm – running back & forth, blaring music out the windows, playing football in the hall, playing cards. Going for bike rides. It was a fun, fun break away from it all.

But I said the purpose was two-fold, right? The second purpose was to run a race. And we were excited to run in a fairly unusual place – Mackinac Island. One of our group ran the half marathon (the one in red in the picture below) so for her this race was focused on a personal accomplishment (and with a personal best she certainly had an accomplishment on a very hilly course). The rest of us ran the shorter distance – which this weekend was 5.8 miles. That’s a somewhat random distance. It’s close to a 10K but it’s not. So we didn’t have a much of a time goal because this wasn’t a race we’d run before or would likely ever run again (unless of course we get to go back up to Mackinac on this same weekend!). We decided that we’d run it for fun. I was planning to wear my Garmin because I like to look back at my ‘collection’ of vacation runs or races but my watch battery went dead and I forgot the charger. It seemed as though the running gods agreed – this run was intended to be nothing but fun. I even took my camera along and took action shots:

And it was so, so fun. 50 degrees, blue skies, well-groomed trails, fantastic fall views. It might have been the most fun I’ve ever had running. While I don’t plan to routinely pay a race fee and not take it too seriously, I’m glad I did on this day.


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