Breakfast Books: The Princess Bride

I already knew I loved this story. What I didn’t know was how fun it would be to read out loud. The suspense and pace of this book make it a perfect read aloud. And for those of us who are fans of the movie – the voices are so, so fun too! Honestly, this is one of the best books I’ve picked for our breakfast books. The subtitle calls it a ‘classic tale of true love and high adventure’ and that is indeed a good description. This story has something for everyone – daring chases, true love, sword fights, humor, near-death experiences – what a great read! But what did the little ones around the table think?

E: A+! This book has love and the next minute action, it’s so exciting! And it’s funny in parts too. I have lots of favorite parts. First at the very beginning when Buttercup and Westley decide they love each other. Then later when Inigo revenges his father. And when Fezzik comes to the rescue with the white horses, it’s exciting and funny when he yells Hello Lady!

J: ummm.. it was pretty good but not an A+.
Me: why not?
J: Too much kissing! But I really liked all the sword fights. My favorite part was when Inigo Montoya finds the six fingered man and gets his revenge. Awesome!

Up next? Since it’s the week of Halloween we’re going to read a few of my favorite Edgar Allan Poe stories. Time to go practice my spooky voice!

What is the Breakfast Book idea? I believe there’s value in reading aloud to my kids at all ages. I used to read aloud to them at night. But as they got older their bedtimes got staggered, practices and homework happen and sitting down together to read to all of them wasn’t happening. I decided to try reading a chapter to them all during breakfast and it has been a big success in many ways. Want to see all our book selections so far? Click on the Breakfast Book category on the right side of this page.


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