Child dancing in the door to her own music when she gets home from school: LIKE
Same child slamming door in my face while saying ‘whatever’: DISLIKE

Running out of Diet Coke: DISLIKE
Finding enough change to buy a great big, fountain Diet Coke from McDonalds: LIKE

Fall weather that’s just perfect for big comfy sweatshirts: LIKE
Fall weather that includes gale force winds that toss my mums about and keep my children up at night: DISLIKE

Pumpkin muffins, pumpkin cookies and roasted pumpkin seeds: LIKE
Cleaning pumpkin guts off the kitchen floor: DISLIKE

Getting laundry caught up: LIKE
Folding & putting away laundry only to find more laundry that somehow never made it from the bathroom floor to the hamper: DISLIKE

Creativity sparked from legos: LIKE
Stepping on legos in my den: DISLIKE

New Halloween decorations: LIKE
Inability to put up new decorations because of windstorm: DISLIKE

Pink’s new song Raise Your Glass: LIKE
Katy Perry’s new song Teenage Dream: DISLIKE

New ‘hearty medley’ oatmeal with nuts & fruit included: LIKE
The fact that each package has about half the oatmeal of a normal package: DISLIKE

Chocolate Halloween candy: LIKE
Fruity/chewy Halloween candy: DISLIKE

Adorable young children coming to my house to trick or treat: LIKE
Children old enough to drive and buy their own damn candy coming to my house to trick or treat: DISLIKE

Children willing to share chocolate Halloween candy with their mother: LIKE
Sneaking pieces of chocolate Halloween candy from their bags when they are sleeping: LIKE
Almond Joy & Mounds ruining chocolate Halloween candy by adding coconut: DISLIKE

Hmmmm… Maybe I’ve been on Facebook too much lately.


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