of things spooky and sweet

There are three bags in my kitchen stuffed full of candy. Stuffed. There is no possible way my children will eat it all between now and the end of the year. (Though honestly, I only give them until Thanksgiving – anything left at that point is either tossed out or hidden away to become lunch desserts for months to come. I know – meanie mom.) But the point isn’t even the candy so much as dressing up and having the run of the neighborhood for the night.

Okay – and a little bit about the candy.

Things I’ve learned about Halloween as a parent:

1. pumpkin guts are gross but fun at the same time

2. they really don’t notice when you sneak candy from their bags as long as you stay away from the full-size bars and don’t take the last of any type of candy

3. it doesn’t matter what temperature it is, they aren’t cold – really, they’re not

4. trick or treating with friends is way more fun than trick or treating with just a parent

5. crashing at the neighbor’s to eat chili and drink beer is also way more fun that eating frozen pizza after the night’s activities.

4 thoughts on “of things spooky and sweet

  1. you aren’t mean as I have already gave bobby one gallon size baggie to take to work, and everything is STILL full! I give my kids to the end of the week then I really start donating it away! Tomorrow another gallon size goes. of course the chocolate is the last to go. We wouldn’t want to be hasty, now would we?

    1. LOL – I agree, those Snickers will be the last to go at this house. But this week I’m donating a couple gallon size bags to our school library – they are giving the small size candy out as reading prizes.

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