my first 15K

15K = 9.3 miles (or in actual miles tracked by my watch 9.44 but who’s counting.)

My second longest race ever.

My first race in downtown Chicago. On the lakefront. With the beautiful skyline of one of my favorite cities stretched out before me.

15K also = one of the hardest runs I’ve done simply because of last week’s Barb meets pothole incident. Here’s my mile by mile breakdown:

Mile 1: BRRRR! It was 32 degrees as we huddled together at the start so really most of this mile was spent finally warming up.

Mile 2: I can feel my toes! Luckily I’m not feeling my ankle much so I decided I was definitely running this race. (Mile 2 was the easiest point to turn around and take a DNF if my ankle couldn’t take it.)

Mile 3: Settled nicely into my stride and enjoying running on Lake Shore Drive.

Mile 4: My ankle is starting to feel loose and not quite right. But not hurting.

Mile 5: Popped some chomps for an energy burst. Not enjoying the cross-country gravel path they made us run on for most of this mile.

Mile 6: Back on pavement and able to distract myself with beautiful views of the skyline in front of me and Lake Michigan by my side.

Mile 7: Distracting views no longer distracting. My ankle hurts.

Mile 8: My ankle really hurts, decided to walk at the water stop just to see if it hurt even when I was not pounding it so much. It did not have the same pain so we started running again. Very thankful for my friend Kate who babbled about everything that came to mind in an effort to try and distract me.

Mile 9: Excited to be running behind Soldier Field, turning the corner at the Shedd Aquarium and watching the finish line come into view.

Mile 9.3: Finished. And we kept to our average pace for long runs too. Our original race day plan was to run our average and then speed it up for the last third. See, I’m never going to win a race so the goals here are all personal and for this race one of the goals was just to enjoy running a race in Chicago. Because of last week’s clumsy events, we just stuck with the easy pace. Time: 1:44

I’ll probably write about this last fact more in another post but as a good friend reminded me – this weekend’s race also means that in the last six months I’ve run: a 5K, 10K, 15K, half marathon, two triathlons and a random 5.7 mile race.

Not bad.


2 thoughts on “my first 15K

  1. The part where you make the turn around soldier field and around the Shedd is my favorite part of the runs through chicago. SO beautiful. THe rock n Roll one was like that and alot of the runs in the summer that start in grant park run along that waterfront too.. such a nce distraction from the run and pain! lol

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