a little bit of basketball history

There are a few things that should be part of the upbringing of all Hoosier children. They should adequately understand the rivalry between Indiana University & Purdue University. They should walk the sidewalks of Notre Dame University. They should visit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. They should climb the Indiana Dunes. They should learn how to play basketball, preferably on a hoop in their own driveway. They should know how to play euchre. And they should pay homage to Hinkle Fieldhouse – a true bastion of basketball history.

We’ve crossed a handful of those items off the list for our children and this Thanksgiving weekend we were able to tackle another: we watched a Butler basketball game at Hinkle Fieldhouse.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this last requirement, let me impart a bit of basketball lore. Hinkle Fieldhouse was built in 1928 (and yes, it looks & feels every one of its years). At the time it was the largest basketball arena in the country and the first major fieldhouse for basketball. It remains one of the oldest basketball arenas in use today and is a U.S. National Historic Landmark.

For those of you who really know your Indiana basketball, Hinkle Fieldhouse was also the site of the 1954 high school state championship game where tiny Milan High School pulled off the implausible upset forever memorialized in the movie Hoosiers.

It was a beautiful day to wander around this small college campus. My husband received his MBA from Butler so he had the opportunity to give his kids the tour. The game itself was very exciting (even though the Bulldogs lost) and the kids loved every minute of it.

Just doing my duty as the parent of young Hoosiers. Speaking of which… I need to get my hands on that movie because they haven’t seen it yet! Something to do over winter break.

One thought on “a little bit of basketball history

  1. Would you consider leading a class for parents who were not born Hoosiers (and therefore had no idea that Indiana and Purdue were rivals until reading this post) but are not struggling to raise Hoosier-born children? Or maybe just pretend I am one of your children and take me places? I do not want to raise my children incorrectly but I simply am new to all of this stuff. Thankfully, I do know how to play Euchre so we can skip that chapter.

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