snow day guilt

We had a snow day this week. For those of you who live in NW Indiana this is not news. Our whole little corner of the state has been talking about the weather the past few days. Blizzard conditions. Icy, snow-covered roads. Ridiculous gusts of wind. And lots of snow. It was no surprise that we had a snow day after that big storm.

Once upon a time a snow day was cause for great fun around here. I’d pack the kids up and we’d head to the Y to get the wiggles out in the gym. Then we’d bundle up and go sledding or build a snowman. Make some hot cocoa, maybe watch a movie together. Fun, fun, fun.

This snow day however, nothing happened. Oh sure, J played outside for a bit but the girls weren’t interested at all. It was really too windy to have much fun sledding so I didn’t even suggest it. My ankle is still bothering me so I skipped the Y entirely. I ended up doing laundry and working on my computer while the kids basically did whatever they wanted.

I read on twitter about other moms popping popcorn and watching Christmas movies with their kids. I had a phone call from a mom who was heading to the Y with her gang. I heard from other parents that were baking cookies, doing puzzles and playing board games. What did I do? Sat in front of my computer and worked.

I took one short break to help J and a neighbor friend make paper snowflakes. And… that about covers the extent of my hands-on parenting that day. What a lousy mom I have become.

I have a deadline looming over me but even that shouldn’t be an excuse not to play with my kids. Dear Old Man Winter, I need a do-over.


One thought on “snow day guilt

  1. I did the popcorn and movie thing. But, I never did manage the board game.
    And sometimes, I think that kids get too dependent on us to create their fun for them. And having some days to figure things out on their own is not necessarily a bad thing.

    And I am also pretty sure that this winter will give you another opportunity for board games and movies and baking đŸ˜‰

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