tis the week before Christmas

Dear Santa,

My six year old woke up the other day, climbed in my lap for a hug and in all seriousness told me that he thinks you have cameras in every Santa picture, ornament or figurine and that’s how you can keep an eye on us. If that’s true then you’ve probably already noticed that I’m trying to keep things a little more low key than usual around here.

The timing of Christmas has worked out so that we don’t have to go anywhere or do anything over the kids’ break. I’m not sure I’ve ever left a winter break so loosely planned. I’m sure we’ll take at least one trip to Chicago for some fun. I would like to treat the kids to a movie some afternoon. But I’m going to try very hard to give them a relaxing break filled with some family bonding and true resting.

Cookie baking. Puzzle making. Picture coloring. Book reading.

These are the things I’m wishing for this Christmas. So, Santa if you’re watching me through this collection of Santas on the shelves behind my desk please help remind me to leave the computer from time to time. To spend a few hours soaking up time with these kids. Perhaps to even slow down and relax myself.

We’ll have your favorite cookies out on Christmas Eve. Safe travels!


Quick Like A Bunny – trying valiantly to slow down for a few days


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