life is full of choices

I often tell my children – life is full of choices, be sure to make the good ones. When they are very young I make their choices for them. As they grow, they start to make more and more of their own choices. And at some point those choices become a bit more serious than what to wear in the morning or which breakfast cereal to eat – that’s when I hold my breath and hope they make the good choices. (that’s also when I have to come up with punishments from time to time to reinforce making better choices)

I’m a grown up (most days) and in hindsight my daily choices aren’t always good ones. This morning I’m suffering from two questionable choices.

Choice 1: what to do with a sprained ankle. Am I regretting running that 15K on my sprained ankle? A little but I did more damage by never resting it after that. In my mind I thought not running for a week (ok fine, 5 days) was good enough but that riding the bike and using the elliptical would be fine. As the podiatrist told me last week – not so fine. Resting actually means not using the joint. (huh, who knew) So now I find myself with an ankle that is still messed up 7 weeks after the fact and I find out in a couple weeks if I need an MRI. As instructed, I will be really resting my joint this week. I’m allowed to go swimming a few times but other than that I am trading my workout gear for some comfy sweatshirts and keeping myself out of the gym.

Choice 2: drinking wine. This sounds like it’s going to lead into a hangover story but it’s not. I have just discovered over the past year or two that if I’m going to have more than two glasses of wine (or most adult beverages) my body isn’t going to be happy with me. It hurts my stomach, it makes me lose sleep, it messes with other things that I will not bore you with. And yet, from time to time I forget this fact and make the bad choice. Then I spend 24-36 hours berating myself for being stupid.

Hmmmm…. both of these recent choices are related to how I treat my body. I think I need to have a serious discussion with myself. Maybe it’s time to ground myself until I can prove that I’m able to make responsible choices.


2 thoughts on “life is full of choices

  1. Just don’t do what I have done and lose your mojo for exercising after your break. Since March. MARCH. Maybe when you are ready to start again so will I. Rest is Best

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