firing up the urgency

Still trying to keep things at a slow, relaxed pace around here. Giving the kids plenty of free time, snuggling up to read a stack of books we just picked out at the library, taking the oldest to a movie she’s been dying to see. But in the back of my mind I have a nagging voice that is saying…

– laundry! you are days behind in the laundry
– presents! you haven’t wrapped a single present yet
– cookies! where are the Christmas cookies – you haven’t baked any
– food! and you’re about to run out of milk & bread. Not to mention ingredients for the cookies and Christmas dinner
– cleaning! you haven’t done a thorough cleaning in a week and people will be here in a matter of days
– work! you have a h-u-g-e work deadline looming

The nagging voice started as a slight whisper on our trip home from Christmas at the grandparents. It picked up some volume after a very lazy Monday morning. I’m trying my best to ignore it but I can’t completely, I just can’t. So, today I’m hoping to take care of some of those nagging thoughts but I’m also really hoping for a 90 minute break in the middle to watch a Christmas movie with the kiddos. Balance – it’s all about the balance these days. (here’s hoping I don’t find myself pulling an all-nighter later this week when the nagging voices get the better of me)


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