snippets of wasted time

Ahhhh how I love to make fun of Facebook. Yet at the same time I rarely go 24 hours without peeking in to see what’s going on. In an online world that can take on too much importance, I try to find a balance between communicating, writing and building new relationships while still living life away from this laptop. I have to admit though, a sample of my Facebook status updates from the year actually paint a decent picture of my daily life and prove that I really do leave this computer far more often than I give myself credit for.

Celebrating accomplishments, peeking into day-to-day life with three kids, laughing with friends. In a lot of ways – this list is the year that was 2010 for me:

– ran 3.25 and it felt short, that’s something you never would have heard me say this time last year!
– is the reigning wii fit ski jump champion (a benefit of staying home with the sick kid)
– is so very proud of her swimming daughter for pushing through a tough swim test and making the next level team!
– is officially a triathlete
– has been invited to a fairy-tale feast
– is going to read some Dr Seuss for bedtime stories
– thinks it’s time to lace up and run in the sunshine
– “what kind of mom are you – the torturing kind?!?!” Yes, yes I am.
– put out crackers, chips & chocolate for breakfast… wondering how long it will take for a kid to remember it’s April Fools Day
– dancing the fine line between hardcore and crazy
– nothing like little league in a small town – parade around the square for opening day!
– where’s my drink?? it’s derby hat time!
– for better or for worse – 13.1 you’re about to be mine
– someone asked me why I ran so far this morning. The answer: so I can drink at beer fest tonight
– breaking out the squirt guns and popsicles!
– residents of Sandbridge, VA: if you’re missing any sand from your beach, I just found it in my laundry room
– The cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears or the sea ~Isak Dineson
– OMG that was a lot of jello shots
– received 1st letter home from camp – she “never wants to leave” 🙂
– wise observation from the 9yo: ice cream cones always taste better on the way home from the beach
– just got my first print by-line
– 4 days…7 states…2,000 miles and we’re not done yet!
– spent a lovely Sunday afternoon at the pool…perhaps our last of the summer, sigh
– the beach is always worth the drive
– it’s time for an afternoon adventure! Field Museum – here we come!
– I’ve decided that every good triathlon training program should include ice cream
– thank you, train and a very well-placed Eminem for getting me thru today’s run
– an evening in the city… loves me some Chicago time!
– I think perhaps I may regret this in the morning
– family dinner on the deck – perfect way to end the week
– my 11yo ate a pack of skittles before her cross country meet and ran her best time ever. Apparently I have a new race day strategy
– Mackinac Island: ran it, biked it, drank it. Whew!
– loves watching my girl swim
– taking the kids to their first game at Hinkle Fieldhouse – Go Butler!
– keeps getting distracted by the snowflakes falling out my window
– from one of my favorite blogs: “we should choose our running partners wisely, because they become our friends which eventually become like family, and then we grow old together.”

Happy New Year!

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