get off my treadmill!

It happens every year. People make their New Year’s Resolutions and come running to the gym in hordes. Crowds of people I’ve never seen before are suddenly taking up all the space in classes, all the lap lanes in the pool and all the treadmills & bikes in the cardio room. There are no weights to be had and no parking spaces anywhere near the door. For approx six weeks going to the gym requires fighting through the masses who are suddenly inspired by a date on the calendar to get in shape.

By mid-February 90% of these people will be gone. Then the rest of us who workout every day, all year round can finally get back to our normal routines.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for people getting healthy and exercising. I love having new people join my local YMCA. But I will never understand how changing from one year to the next creates such a frenzy among people. If you want to exercise, don’t wait for the new year – just do it. If you don’t like to exercise, don’t be silly enough to think that the month of January will suddenly change your habits. It won’t. And in the meantime – you’re all in my way.


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