this is why I needed morning kindergarten

When I registered J for Kindergarten last winter I requested the morning class. The morning class is typically a hot commodity and I realized that being up against working-away-from-home parents would make my request a tough one but I needed it. I needed this one last year with my last baby to have afternoon adventures. Once all day school starts, there’s no turning back. We are forced to have adventures on weekends or school breaks and those are far more crowded and restrictive than low key, middle of the week jaunts.

I almost didn’t get my wish. Luckily it all worked out.

I’m happy to say that at least once a month J and I are able to take advantage of this year together. We head into Chicago and visit museums and special events. When the weather is nice we play at the beach or go on afternoon picnics with friends. We gallivant and jaunt and wander all over the place. This year will be filled with memories for both of us and that makes all the begging and pleading I did with our principal so very worth it.

Yesterday is a perfect example. I picked my boy up from school and he ate his lunch in the car while we headed to the city to play and learn at the Museum of Science and Industry:

we made rainbows

we played with electricity

we had a wonderful afternoon together

2 thoughts on “this is why I needed morning kindergarten

  1. I am jealous of your time together. What a great way to enjoy that last year.

    Obviously I am working so the fact that our schools had full day kindergarten available for a fee, made full day a no brainer for us. But I do miss my baby. The afternoon/evenings are just too short.

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