my ideal day

Last week while at lunch with visiting relatives one of them asked each person to describe their ideal day. Naturally the kids all went first and all of them had some sort of variation on “I’d wake up and mom would make me my favorite breakfast. Then we’d all play a game together. Then we’d go out to lunch. Then we’d all go to a movie. Then we’d have my favorite dinner and stay up really late. The end.”

The details changed from kid to kid but the basic theme was that their parents would do whatever they wanted and they would be king or queen for a day. There were four of us adults at the table, the other three also had somewhat similar answers to their ideal day as being surrounded by family with a few treats thrown in just for them.

Then it was my turn:

I would wake up and go for a long run that would be one of those runs where it would feel like I could just go forever. Then I’d take a couple of books and go sit on the beach at Lake Michigan and read all day long.

So everyone else’s days involved family and my day involved me being completely alone. Oh I wouldn’t mind if some of my sole sistas were with me for the run. But the rest of that ideal day – totally solitary in nature.

And now, days later, I’m still wondering – What exactly does that say about me? What about you, what would your ideal day be?


One thought on “my ideal day

  1. That is completely what I would pick too. In fact, about once a year, usually in late spring, I pick a warm day and burn on of my personal days to do just that. No kids, no work, just me a run a book and a beach.

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