right this minute

Right now, as I type this I am…

wearing: pajama pants and a cozy fleece jacket from the race I did on Mackinac Island, soon to be traded in for a swim suit because I’m swimming for today’s workout.

sitting: at my desk in the den that is at the front of our house, I have a laptop so I could be sitting anywhere but most mornings find me right here at my desk. I’m also surrounded by legos. It’s like a minefield walking in here with bare feet – well with socks on my feet, it’s cold you know.

listening: to complete silence, I’m nearly always the first one up in these parts so the house is mine and quiet for approx 30 minutes

drinking: water

thinking: that I love the snow falling this morning but I’m glad that not enough fell to require shoveling early this morning because I didn’t get up early enough to get it done

reading: I recently finished two books – Rescue by Anita Shreve and The Christmas Box by Richard Paul Evans so I’m actually looking for a new book. But each morning after I write this blog I read the local paper, the Indianapolis paper and, if there’s time, the Washington Post. Yes, I’m a bit of a news junkie.

eating: nothing *right now* but soon I’ll be eating cereal

planning: dinner… I think tonight we’ll use some leftover pork chops and lots of veggies for a stir fry

listing: Today’s list includes thank you notes, trying my best to finish up a work project, laundry, vacuuming and maybe a trip to Target.

praying: for some families I know that have very ill relatives

wondering: what I did on yesterday’s run that makes my knee hurt every time I go up & down the stairs. Also wondering how much snow we’re going to get today – it’s a day too late to be my birthday present but I will still enjoy it.

needing: to hang up the new shelves I bought at Target last week before they collect so much dust that I get used to them sitting on the floor in my room. Speaking of dust I also need to change the furnace filter.

wishing: we were able to get to Lake Michigan this past weekend, I love taking the kids on a winter hike along the dunes. Maybe this week since we’ve got a couple days with no school.

getting ready to: wake up the 12yo – you just never know how that’s gonna go; get out breakfast fixings for the kiddos and this week is my week on car pool so I’ll be driving two sixth graders to school in a bit.


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