the joy in winter

Yesterday we had the most beautiful snowfall. It snowed steadily all day long, pretty, sparkly, fluffy flakes. The grass that was so unnaturally showing was covered in a blanket of white. It was the kind of day that winter is all about.

And boy did I hear people complaining.

Complaining about the streets, the shoveling, the cold. A day that should have brought some sense of wonder brought a sense of whining to too many people. That makes me sad. We live in a part of the world that is fortunate enough to experience all four seasons. Yes – fortunate! And while many people who don’t enjoy the cold don’t have the means to live someplace where it’s warm all the time, that doesn’t mean they should spend their time overlooking the beauty in this season.

It’s a shame really. Winter has lots to offer. The joy of coming into a warm house and smelling comfort food cooking away. The treat of holding a warm cup of tea or cocoa or coffee – letting its warmth leak into your hands, feeling its heat rising against your face. The crisp smells in the air. The special hush of a world covered in snow. The feel of snowflakes on your eyelashes.

And then there’s the snow angels 🙂

It’s winter. And where we live, it’s supposed to snow. You can’t do anything to stop it, so instead of choosing to look at it negatively – look for the joy. It’s there, I promise.


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