twists and turns

This past week has been one where I put a lot of pressure on myself for how I used my time. I was a complete stress ball. I didn’t have nearly enough hours in my day to accomplish what needed to be done. I had an obligation that I didn’t want to fulfill but had to and it took up even more of my oh-so-limited time. I had plans that were suddenly thrown to the side. I felt like someone was throwing a road block in my way at every turn so that I could not do what I really wanted to do.

And in a sense of cosmic timing, yesterday’s morning reflection talked about how we choose to live our lives. That we need know what’s important at the beginning and keep that with us. That “the ‘middle’ may have many movements, twists-and-turns, changes-and-alterations, and different chapters.” And the writer went on to say that if we can keep an eye on the end of our journey we’ll realize that no matter what twists and turns we encounter, they don’t need to throw us off track.

I plan (obsessively some might say) but I’m honestly happiest when I can roll with it and let things unfold. When I keep the big picture in perspective the plan isn’t so rigid and everyone is happier. And *that’s* what I need to remember. Every day as I’m working through the ‘middle’ (and oh sometimes I’m up to my eyeballs in this ‘middle’) I need to keep what’s important in mind and look towards the end. In that glimpse I’ll see that the twists and turns of today – expected or unexpected – still add up to the life I want to lead. With that perspective I can enjoy what’s happening right now. One of my personal goals this year is to be more active in the life around me – how better to do that than to not spend so much time stressing about the changes I didn’t see coming.

The really happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery when on a detour. ~anonymous

Sometimes, my life seems like one big detour after another. And that’s when it’s worth remembering that often the best part of the trip is found on a detour.


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