the mini road trip

After an uncharacteristically quiet winter break I found myself eagerly looking forward to this past weekend. Normally a four-day weekend just two weeks after winter break would drive me berserk. This year however, it has presented the perfect opportunity for adventure! Last Friday I let the kids all wake up on their own schedule, loaded up the car and drove a couple hours south to play the day away in Indianapolis.

First up – the Indiana State Museum! A new adventure for us and as an added bonus, a free adventure because our new Field Museum membership has a reciprocal arrangement with them! We started in prehistoric times and wound our way through exhibits about this state we call home. Learning that Indiana was once covered in water and later home to mighty mastodons.

Discovering that nearly 75% of our state was covered by old growth forests with giant trees. Learning about Native Americans and pioneers and industry. Taking a gander at collections of everyday items from different decades. Laughing at the fact that mom’s favorite childhood toys were on a wall labeled ‘history’ ha – ha – ha that was sooooo funny let me tell you. Sigh… Honestly, from the collections of fossils to the aptly named Odd Indiana exhibit – it was a fun museum with new facts for all of us.

After the museum we wandered across downtown to have a late afternoon snack at my favorite Indy biergarten: The Rathskeller. Then we wandered around the Mass Ave district, doing our part to support a few local businesses. We ended our downtown day at a theater where our good friend was acting in a show for the Young Actor’s Theater.

Museum, eating out and a show – such a sophisticated trip for our gang. And guess what?!? They have today off of school too and I’ve got another adventure up my sleeve.

One thought on “the mini road trip

  1. Hope today’s adventure went just as well.
    We went to the Indiana State Museum when Dash was about 4….and he surprisingly loved it. He liked it more than he liked the Indy Zoo, which was weird.

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