varying degrees of pity

Each of my three children have varying degrees of pain/illness tolerance. I’ve learned over the years to take some complaints more seriously than others. To put a little more weight on an issue from one child than I would on the same issue from another. I’m also the kind of mom that sends my kids to school unless they have a fever or are puking – anything else gets a dose of something over the counter and a firm pat on the back as I tell them to suck it up. We don’t need no stinkin’ doctors around here unless it gets serious.

I’m such a caring, sympathetic person.

So little Miss E has had a head cold for four days. No fever, no excessive outpouring of bodily fluids – just a head cold. She’s the toughest of the three so she hasn’t even asked to stay home. She rolls with anything. Yesterday morning she woke up with a noticeably different voice – but there were no splotches on her throat and no fever so I gave her a dose of cold medicine and she went bouncing on her way. I told her that if she felt bad after lunch she could call me and I’d come by the school with more cold medicine.

Her nose was running and her throat bothering her so she went to the school nurse and asked her to call me for some medicine. She didn’t ask to come home mind you, she just wanted some medicine to help her through the rest of the day. The nurse asked what was bothering her, took one look down her throat and called me to come get her and take her to the doctor.

She’s got strep. And, yes even I will do some pampering and coddling when one of my kids is really sick. After I brought her home I made her hot drinks and she sat on the couch wrapped in a blanket resting & reading. But honestly, she probably would have walked around with it for another day or two before I decided that she even needed a little more attention. Goodness knows she wouldn’t have complained about it until it got to the point of not being able to swallow.

She’s my kind of kid that one.

Note to self: when the middle kid complains, it’s probably gotten serious.

On a humorous note – today is end of semester awards day. E is supposed to be picking up an award for perfect attendance. How ironic if she is absent and can’t receive the award. Updated later: And she stayed home – goodbye perfect attendance. Oh well!


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