know what this world needs?

Contrary to what my kids think, I’m not in charge of the world… though come to think of it, I am somewhat in charge of their world. But for the world at large – I’m not the boss. However, if I were the supreme leader of the world, there would be:

  • reading breaks in everyone’s day
  • more pizza
  • clean running paths no matter what the weather
  • potluck dinners every week
  • less complaining
  • cheaper gas (I filled up yesterday at $3.15 and had to look for that low of a price!)
  • more lunches with friends
  • more use of colored pens, purple ink makes everything seem more cheerful
  • family road trips every summer
  • far less eye rolling, foot stomping and door slamming
  • more beer
  • kitchens that automatically clean themselves
  • more of this:
  • less of this:
  • an indoor waterpark in every town
  • more beach days
  • a laundry folding machine that also puts the clothes away
  • the ability to add a few extra hours to the day when needed
  • a winning basketball team in Bloomington, Indiana ironically this point was written BEFORE IU beat #21 Illinois last night!
  • more hugging
  • more laughter
  • accessible, good education opportunities for all children
  • a cure for every disease
  • more clean water
  • and, of course, world peace

Got anything to add?


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