of snow and snow and snow

Snow fell from the sky in buckets this week. I believe it’s the 3rd worst storm on record in these parts. I’m done with the 24 hour snow shoveling marathon and have finished digging out the mailbox but haven’t gotten up enough gumption to do the sidewalks. The snow there is up past my knees and I tried yesterday… got about 3 feet and decided it was futile. But my real challenge in this snow storm? Occupying three kids.

However (and I’m probably totally jinxing us today on our 3rd day of no school) it hasn’t been so bad. We’ve worked on puzzles and played the Wii together. We’ve read books and worked on crafts. We’ve played in the snow and dug tunnels. We’ve met friends out to play and have lunch. Heck, we even had an entire day where no one watched tv!

When it snows the world is covered in a blanket of white. Sounds are muffled. Things that were dead and brown are sparkling. And somehow that same sense of quiet and awe have crept into my house. Kids that quite often fight with the least provocation are voluntarily playing together.

Old Man Winter just gave me my do-over.


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