Thanksgiving in Winter

I am a big believer in creating traditions. I look for any excuse to make-up an event and start some memories for my family. And when I can’t find an excuse – I’ll make one up! This weekend was a perfect example – our Fifth Annual Thanksgiving in Winter Feast.

Even though I am not the host of Thanksgiving dinner, I cannot resist the lure of a turkey on sale. So each November I buy a turkey and tuck it away in the freezer. Come February, I invite some friends over and we celebrate Thanksgiving in winter. Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes… the whole shebang! When it’s cold & snowy outside – that turkey feast is the ultimate in comfort food. I think it even tastes a little bit better because it’s at a different time of year.

I just love everything about this family tradition! Having yummy food that is typically reserved for a holiday. Pulling together our good friends for no other reason then to show them how thankful we are for them. Having everyone contribute something special to fill our table with a true feast. It’s becoming one of my favorite nights of the year.

And this year we had the most people ever join us for our wacky little tradition. 28 people filled my house Saturday night. Some of them sat in lawn chairs. Some of them came bearing side dishes. Others came laden with desserts. I’m pretty sure all of them left stuffed.

So to my family friends – thank you for jumping on board with another of my silly theme events. Thank you for contributing to and partaking of our feast. Thank you for being part of our lives each and every day of the year.


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