the kindergarten spelling test

My son is in Kindergarten and as befits a child in that grade he is steadily moving up the education ladder. At the beginning of the year a lot of time was spent doing dot-to-dots and writing letters. We’ve moved on now to easy readers, memorizing sight words and spelling tests.

His first spelling test is this week – just like his big sister! This school stuff is seeming more real all the time!

Does the spelling list review and reinforce the sight words that they are all supposed to have memorized by now? Ummmmm no.

Does the spelling list cover short words that reinforce key letter sounds and word blends? Ummmmm no.

Does the spelling list review word families? Perhaps start teaching about that tricky silent ‘e’? Ummmm no.

The first spelling list is a list of color words. Because all 5/6 year olds are great at spelling orange and purple. Or maybe we just like to set them up for failure on their first try.

Disclaimer: Maybe my son is the only one having a hard time with these words but I spend time with his classmates each week so I don’t think that’s the case. Then again, this is the teacher who sent home a subtraction worksheet the first month of school when they were in the middle of learning how to count to 20 so I should have learned by now not to even attempt guessing her methods.

Disclaimer #2: Even my 6th grader thinks this is a ridiculous spelling test for a kindergartner. And she doesn’t even like her brother all the time.


2 thoughts on “the kindergarten spelling test

  1. We have started spelling tests over here too. I think that not all the kids are getting them, just some of them so they tend to be a little hard. Numbers seemed reasonable. But spelling eight was not easy. but there was one week that I thought the words were waaay harder than kindergarten words – which, if she is differentiating, might be reasonable – and I didn’t think JJ stood a chance, but he actually got them. I think they were winter words and tricky like “coat” and “skate” (it’s a k, not a C and there is that E on the end…) and then “scarf” (which is a C, not a K) all on the same list.

  2. I am a Kindergarten teacher and we have begun spelling words also. We go down a sight word list. Seems to be working great, but I understand where you are coming from. Teach him the color words and numbers words with songs. Ask your childs teacher if she has some music teaching words. There is a wonderful DVD called Heidi Songs that we use in my classroom. Type it in under google and you should find it. Also Utube and teachertube has some great resources. Good Luck!

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